Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Moments With Ayden

I received an update for my friend around 10:30 and then pictures of her baby girl in the wee morning hours. Baby P is so precious and I am so proud of my friend and how hard she worked to bring her into the world. Such an amazing thing to experience!!

Our workout was tough for me because I did not sleep well with all of the excitement. I had to check the "Barely made it" box instead of "nailed it" but it was all worth it!!  

Today was a great day. Now that dance has picked back up I do dinner prep before I go. All we had left to eat from the farmer's market was stuff that needed to be grilled so all I did was thaw the meat and David did the rest. It was great!  We had grilled lamb sausages, roasted turnip "fries" and sautéed green beans. Ayden is going through a phase where he throws food on the floor so we are trouble shooting some different discipline techniques. It is tricky since it has to do with food. We don't want to withhold food from him but he just does it more when we ask him to stop. We can take the food and feed him, therefore taking the control of his eating. Sometimes he finds that aversive and other times he doesn't really care. He went through a food throwing phase when he was 8ish or 9ish months old and that time ignoring it worked. He just grew out of it. This time he gets very entertained by it whether we pay attention or not, though getting attention for it makes it even better for him. I shall keep you posted...

Other than the food throwing (which in the grand scheme of things is a very small problem in my opinion, the day was wonderful. Ayden was very affectionate and sweet. No melt downs and lots of giggles. He was a little clingy early in the day but found his independence later on after we sat together on the floor and listened to some music. 

He has become OBSESSED with music. I made him a playlist on my phone of some children's music as taught him how to open it. His current favorites are Twinkle Twinkle, the ABCs, 5 Little Monkeys, If You're Happy and You Know It and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. The Itsy Bitsy Spider is the one he requests the most and he listens to it over and over. I can see the wheels turning as he is trying to memorize the words and melody. I love his little singing voice!  Here are some cute moments with Ayden from our day, including his rendition of The Itsy Bitsy Spider. 

This age is bringing new challenges through his need to assert his will and melting down when he can't but at the same time it has brought a new level of affection, communication and therefore connection. And that, folks, is what we call balance. Gotta have balance...

And now I shall leave you with a picture of what happens when Daddy is in charge of bath time:

Did your toddler go through a food throwing phase?  What did you do to change the behavior?


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Daydream Come True"

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  1. My son did the throwing food thing at 15ish months. He got a warning then had a time out. He would rejoin is at the table after timeout, but if he continued to throw we took it as a cue that he was not hungry. Sometimes my son would skip meals and feast at others. His doctor and I agreed that this seemed to be normal and ok.

  2. Hey Sarah Ayden looks like you! ( except for the hair, off course...tsc tsc)