Friday, September 6, 2013

Dino Boy

Ayden is really getting into dinosaurs these days!  

We had to stop every time one fell over so he could set it back up.
Needless to say, our walk took a while...

He finally ditched them and took the wagon for himself. Haha.

I've been finding lots of fun homemade dinosaur costume ideas for Halloween. I think it should be pretty easy to pull off. 

When David got home dinner wasn't quite ready. Usually we eat dinner as soon as he gets home and then we all go outside to play together. When dinner's not ready, David jumps in and helps me finish it up while Ayden either joins us on his little helper tower or plays by himself for a bit. Lately, though, he gets so excited to see David that he wants to play right away. Being hungry, excited to see his daddy and ready to play does not make for a patient toddler. The whole time we were trying to finish up dinner he was having meltdown after meltdown every time we told him that we had to wait to play ball/play with his sensory tub/have a dance party/etc. Now there seems to be even more reason for me to try to have dinner ready right when David gets home. It won't happen all the time and when it doesn't, we'll mentally prepare ourselves for behavior like tonight's. 

I was proud of how we handled it. We supported/encouraged each other which helped us both keep our patience. We also kind of took turns which helped a lot too!  Having a little break between the meltdowns that you have to deal with makes a big difference when it comes to summoning patience.  What's working for us so far is to try to pin point the triggers and prevent them. If it is a new thing and we can't prevent it (like tonight for instance, now we know the triggers are hunger and the unexpected wait for dinner), when he starts to melt down we gently lay him down and step away. We focus on something else and once he's gotten through his melt down he gets up and comes over to us, acting like it never happened. We do have a rule that if he starts crying about something, we MUST follow through with whatever it was that we told him, even if what he was wanting wasn't that big of a deal.  This will *hopefully* keep tantrums short, emotional outbursts rather than something he turns on to get what he wants. Only time will tell and we will definitely update as toddlerhood unfolds. 

In other news... Look what arrived today!

David and I start our 10 week Focus T-25 program on Monday!  I know it's not p90X but BRING IT!  I am so ready to be active on a regular basis again. Programs like these work really well for David and me. Anyone interested in weekly stat updates?  I think Saturdays are called "Staturdays" so we'll be doing weight and measurements evey week anyway. Might as well document them on here. 

What is your toddler tantrum protocol?  Have you ever tried a Beach Body program?


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1 comment:

  1. Your tantrum/meltdown "protocol" is very similar to what we did with our kids (four of 'em) and it worked great for us. None of our children had a meltdown past age two, maybe 2.5. We've always told our kids that strong feelings are okay, wrong actions aren't. Of course they didn't understand this at such a young age but as they grew they came to understand that self-control was much more sensible and less embarrassing that an melting down six year old we once saw in a grocery store. lol

    Can I suggest, and I bet you've already thought of this yourself, when dinners running late maybe set Ayden up with a snack in his chair while you finish dinner?A few berries etc to keep the hunger monster away, a busy kiddo is a happy kiddo. ;)

    Just a bit of advice from an "old pro", our kiddos are now 17, 14, 11, and 10, they are all amazing confident, compassionate, thoughtful people whom we get to enjoy everyday.