Saturday, September 14, 2013

Going On A Bear Hunt

We are going camping tonight!  Hopefully we won't actually be seeing bears but I suppose anything is a possibility. 

As is our weekend tradition, David made us breakfast and then Ayden and I played while David packed up all of our camping gear. 

(Green smoothie lover at 10 months and today.)

(It's much easier to golf with a ball this size!) 

With the help of compression sacks, David was able to cram everything (tent, two sleeping bags, cookware, utensils, toilet paper, etc) into one hiking backpack. He will be carrying that and I will have Ayden, the diapers and the food. We'll be hiking about two miles, having soup by a fire for dinner and sleeping in our tent, under the stars. We've planned real deal camping nights like this for the past 3 camping seasons but for various reasons had to cancel. We are so excited that we are actually doing it this time. The weather should be perfect and we can't wait to see the trails through Ayden's eyes. We brought a few books for Ayden but no toys. There will be plenty of rocks, sticks and bugs for that. 

I wasn't sure how much service or phone battery I'd have by tonight so I'll be posting pictures from our camping venture in tomorrow's post.  Wish us luck that we won't actually find any bears on our bear hunt!

Have you ever been camping with a toddler?  How did it go?


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Last Day of Vacation"

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