Thursday, September 12, 2013


I said, "What shoes do you want to wear today, Little One?"
This is what he picked, haha.
Consignment sale and store shopping that is!   Most of my errand day consisted of consignmenting (it's my blog, I can make up words if I want to, ha!). First, I went to a children's consignment sale. I have been wanting some outdoor play equipment for Ayden so I had my eye out for a little slide, a swing, a sandbox and anything else that would enrich our outdoor environment here at the cottage. I hit the jackpot with a Little Tykes slide. I also bought a few Fall/Winter clothing items as well as some super cheap board books since he is a book monster and all...

Next stop was an adult consignment store. Over the past couple of weeks I have been majorly purging my clothes and jewelry. I took in 4 bags of things to sell and even though they barely took anything, I still sold enough to go shopping for myself. I didn't think to take any pictures of the clothes but I left with some cute stuff and it felt so good!  Who says you have to pay full price for a little retail therapy? I timed it just right so Ayden napped in the stroller while I did some treasure hunting and tried everything on. I am just glad to have some pieces for my wardrobe that better match my current style. I seem to be drawn to more feminine pieces (think bows, floral, lace, flowy, etc) in light colors (creams, whites, pastels). I always hate how picky consignment stores are when you are trying to sell but when I go to purchase I am obviously grateful that they are as picky as they are. A lot of items even still have their original tags. The only draw back is that, as with any thrift or consignment shop, you have to have a little extra time to sift through everything to find buried treasures. 

When we got home, Mav had made another stinky mess in his crate (we have determined it has been his new bones that have been giving him tummy issues. Since David cleaned it up last time, I offered to do it his time (plus I was the one who gave him the last of said new bones, knowing it might have been what caused the previous issues - it only seemed fair that I clean it up). David and Ayden played on the new slide and went for a walk wile I watched a show on Netflix and took care of the dirty work.   

Learning how to sharpen his colored pencils.
I got to peak out the window and watch David and Ayden playing every now and then.  Ayden would go down the slide and David would cheer like he hit a home run in a baseball game.  The look on Ayden's face was pure joy and you can just see how much his dad's approval means to him and builds him up.  David is such an amazing father and I am so very glad that Ayden gets to grow up with him as a support system and a role model. David works so hard for us at work everyday, then comes home and continues to be great as he fulfills his duties as a father and husband. He also shares the housework by doing the dishes and getting Ayden's toys cleaned up while I put Ayden to bed. I used to go out of my way to shout my appreciation for him from the roof tops and I have recently realized that I don't do it enough anymore. Even though he is "doing what he is supposed to be doing," it doesn't mean he shouldn't be appreciated for every ounce of effort he puts into this life we have together.  Honestly, it is a choice, and not a choice that every husband and father makes.  For that, I am most grateful. I love both of my boys so much and I am a lucky, lucky lady. Life is good, dog poo and all. Haha! 

Do you have any good consignment or thrift shops around you?  Do you buy or just sell?


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  1. You are so cute. I love how you say "life is good, dog poo and all." Thanks for making me laugh with your humor. I actually went to a consignment shop the other day to donate newborn clothes and a baby bjorn. I got 21 bucks, not too bad. They hardly took any of my stuff either, so dont feel too bad. You're husband is a great father. Ayden continues to be adorable. Keep up the great work. You really are an amazing example of how i wish to live my life. Thank you!!