Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Goals!

Another month has come and gone already!  August was a great month and I am looking forward to what September holds.

It is time to make some plans for the days ahead so here I am with my monthly goals post. 

- Get my nails done. David and Ayden gave me a gift card to a nail salon for mother's day that I still haven't used.  I plan to steal away some time to finally get them done. 

- Make the wreath for which the supplies have been sitting on my craft table for MONTHS. It involves burlap roses and I plan to do a step by step tutorial post!

- Continue to take time for down time. We did really well with this last month and I want to keep it up. It has been so good for us!

- Be more active. We have ordered Focus T25 from Beach Body and David and I are excited to work out together and 25 minutes a day is right up our alley. 

- DECORATE!  We moved our remaining boxes out of storage which included all of our home decor. We will finally hang artwork, fill shelves with pretties and have curtains. It will make a cozy cottage that much better!

- I'd like to continue with my current daily routine. I think I have finally found what works for me. Dance starts back this month so I'm sure that will change things a little bit but I'll adjust. 

I don't feel ready for Fall yet. I'm ready for the Mosquitos to begone but I am not ready for less daylight and having to bundle Ayden up every time we leave the house. One good thing about Fall is that it brings on the holiday season which is always such a wonderful time of year for me. Let September begin!


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one month ago today: "Good Friends, Good Fun"

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