Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sweet Rewards

Beekeeping is a lot like life. It is hard work and you may get some stings along the way but the more time and care you put into it, the sweeter the rewards.

We did a hive check today and put our 9 frame converters in place. We had one frame that we had to keep out and we couldn't let all that honey go to waste!

Liquid gold!  We had heard people tell us that our own honey would be the best we have ever tasted but we still weren't prepared for that taste bud party. So mild and sweet and literally THE BEST honey we have ever had. We aren't sure why everyone thinks their own honey is the best...  Is it because it really is the best?  Is it because we are so accustomed to the smells of the flowers and such in our area so we already had a natural inclination to love it?  Or perhaps it is because we have put so much into them that it makes the fruits of our labor that much sweeter. 

All I know is that as I was tasting our honey for the first time I was thinking of our marriage, our son and everything else about our life together. We put in effort, love and hard work everyday. We experience stings along the way but our efforts are always met with amazingly sweet rewards. 


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "The Power of Play"

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