Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lazy Days

We had a busy day planned for today. We were going to the Farmer's Market, to David's parents' house, to the post office, home for lunch , yard/housework and then we had a farm field day at a vineyard 45 minutes away. It seems as though we had set ourselves up for yet another non stop weekend (tomorrow is going to be a little busy too).

This morning, while we were at the farmer's market, we tossed around he idea of skipping he farm field day. We knew we'd enjoy it if we went, knew we'd learn a lot (they had bees!) and knew we'd probably make some fellow young farmer contacts and possibly a new friend or two. It was a tough decision but we finally decided not to go and that's when the feel of the day totally changed.

Instead of having to watch the clock and be on any sort of schedule, things slowed down big time. We still visited David's parents and went to the post office. We came home for lunch and David encouraged me to take a nap with Ayden while he mowed, cleaned out the gutters and took care of some other yard/cottage maintenance stuff. 

Ayden and I didn't wake up until close to 5:00 (Ayden has always taken monster naps when I nap with him). Then we had dinner and went to my parents house to let Ayden play in the sandbox and visit a bit. Such a relaxing day!

We have such a hard time with this sort of predicament...  To get out and experience the world or to just stay home. Obviously, as with everything in life, we just need to find balance. To find our own happy medium. Perhaps we could try scheduling outings only once or twice a month, while also taking care to work around any obligations on our calendar (bee hive checks, etc) so that we don't have too much in one day.

This is all part of our journey to simplify our life and to find what works best for our family. We don't do much outside of the house once David gets home from work during the week so hyper-scheduling ourselves on the weekends has become a habit.  Today made us realize that we miss the days of not constantly being on the run and just enjoying our weekend. Even if everything we have planned is fun, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing!  We need periods of rest in our days. 

Do any of you deal with this pedicament too?  How do you find balance?


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