Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Old Pros

Every time we take Ayden for a well baby exam it takes me back to his first 2 month appointment. The whole "first set of shots" experience made us regret having it done and made us question whether we'd continue to have Ayden vaccinated at all.   Vaccinations are a hot topic among parents and medical professionals. We personally think vaccines are beneficial to the greater good of our country but it didn't make it easy for these first time parents to help hold our tiny child down while he was injected with viruses...

Fast forward 17 months (Ayden turned 19 months today!  What??) and we are all old pros. Each time we have taken him in, the shots have gotten easier and easier for everyone. I still can't say that I like it and Ayden still cries but only for 30 seconds or so but by the time we leave the office, it's like it never happened. Then he just gives the nurse the stink eye for the rest of the appointment. He rarely has any side effects from he vaccines and the fact that we are staggering them so he only gets one shot at a time also helps. 

At this visit, Ayden got his last DTaP (at least until he's 4).  He was 21.5 lbs and 31" tall. I didn't get our usual doctor's visit pictures, but I did catch Ayden on video hiding from the nurse:

Hiding is his new thing. Yesterday, he ran and "hid" from David when he got him but all of his giggles from anticipation gave his location away. Then a giggly game of chase ensued. It was hilarious but I digress...

After his appointment we went home for lunch and then to my parents' house for a swim.

This was the most comfortable he's been swimming and even tried out his float. 

He is such a big boy. We love him so much!!  David was bummed that he missed out on the swimming but we had a lot of fun all playing together at home after dinner.

How about you?  Did seeing your babies get shots ever get easier?


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "7 Months Old!"

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  1. Hi there! Nope, never gets easier. :) Our two boys are almost 4 and 15 months. I still get the "shakes" and my heart races just a tad when the little one has to get his shots. It's just as you say, a short cry, and over with quick, but it's still never fun. Even the sweet nurses at our clinic don't like it. :)

  2. When my oldest got shots at his 12 month well-check I cried because it was worse than the first visit at 2 months (or any others before that 12 month appointment). It was worse because although would always cry, at his 12 month check he connected the dots and looked at me like he was asking me why I was letting it happen. He wasn't just crying from pain, his little feelings were hurt and he was so sad. I felt like I failed to protect him and just teared up and told him I was sorry and it was what we thought was best for him. The funny thing is the nurse braced me at the first appointment which didn't Phase me and she did not prep me at the 12 month one. She did pay my arm and tell me I was a good mommy though.

  3. Both of my youngest children are behind on their shots. I just keep putting it off. I hate vaccinations. They scare me so bad!

    My Axle is doing the whole hiding thing too. As soon as he hears one of us pull into the driveway, he's off to hide behind the recliner. He never changes spots and ALWAYS giggles uncontrollably the entire time!

  4. My baby just had her shots for 2 months. I like you really debated on whether to get them done. I was terrified and thought about getting the shots spread out. I decided to get them all done and over with. She had no side effects thank goodness. Also wanted to say that i love your paleo recipes. You have been such an inspiration to me. I admire how u are as a mother. How do you keep everything so together. I was on paleo diet for 30 days a year ago and got pregnant immediately after diet. I beleive in this diet. It made me feel so good. I stopped the diet because i got too skinny on it and my husband didnt support me on the diet. I was wondering though, do you eat potatoes at all. Can u eat potatoes on paleo diet? I always wondered. Love your recipes, keep up all your great work. You are amazing and such a role model for how i want to be.

  5. We had my son's 9 month appointment today so we got a nice break from the shots! It still is hard for me but I think it gets easier for him each time. He seems to not be bothered as much-- all I do is nurse him right after and all is forgotten.

    Ayden is such a tiny little guy! lol my Jackson weighed in at 20lbs 12oz today and is 28 inches ;)