Friday, August 2, 2013

August Goals!!

Is it really August already?!?  Where did the summer go?  We've only been swimming 3 times!  At least we are headed to our vacation on a lake in WI as I type this so hopefully we'll have plenty of opportunity to make up for lost time.

As I am looking back at my July goals post I am realizing that this is the first time I have looked at them since I wrote them...  I must have picked good ones, though, because I met all of them but one.  We still haven't had a garage sale (though I did go through and purge a lot of clothes).  Part of the list making process for me isn't so I'll have a list to constantly refer to or just for the satisfaction of crossing things off (though both of those are helpful... when I remember to do them.)  The thing lists help me with most is just thinking about what needs to be done.  When I write it down and then talk about it to someone (usually David), it's like it moves those to do's to the forethought center of my brain. I should add, that this is the first time since I've been writing these monthly goal posts that I actually accomplished most of the items on the list.


The reason I like to make monthly goal lists is because I think it is important for one to constantly be on a quest to better themselves.  None of us are perfect, and we never will be, but I think it is wise to take some time for self reflection and to make changes that make me feel even better about myself and the life that I live each and every day. Without further ado, her are my goals for August:

-Read more.  I have several books, both non-fiction and fiction that I would like to read but always seem to choose social media browsing over reading when I have quiet downtime.  I enjoy it while it is happening but at the end of the day, I'm not any better off and feel like it was wasted time.  I'm going to put forth effort to put down my phone and pick up my Kindle (unless I am using my Kindle App I suppose...).

- Take better care of myself.  Nightly skin care routine, floss regularly, paint my nails once in a while, get to bed by 11:00 and exercise at least 4 days a week.  When I do these things I feel so wonderful.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why I resist doing all of these regularly... When mama is taken care of she is better able to take care of her family!

- Make more time for down time.  Time where we are just all sitting on the floor or outside playing together.  It is hard to find balance during this transition in our lives.  We are kind of living two lives...  Taking advantage of those memory building moments is not being lazy, even though our ever growing and changing to do list may make it feel that way.

- Ride our bikes.  We have a nice bike trailer and great bikes. This summer has been so mild and perfect for bike rides! Maybe one day we can pack a picnic lunch, ride our bikes around the county park and enjoy the day!

-Get ready for chickens!  Perhaps even getting the chickens themselves?  Oh to walk out the back door and collect fresh eggs for breakfast.  What a cool thing that will be!  Not to mention, Ayden LOVES chickens.  I can't wait to see what he thinks of it all.  Since he loves feeding the pets so much, perhaps he can help with that chore.

-Purge and sell anything that we don't use.  I'd like to stop keeping everything for "what if we need it again purposes."  If we need it again, we'll just find it again (preferably gently used).  No need to store things that we just *might* use again someday.  

Given any thought about what you'd like to accomplish in August?


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