Friday, August 16, 2013

5 Happy Things: Cuddle Bugs

We went and had lunch with David today!  We always love going to see him and he says it makes his day too. When we got home I turned on some music and got everything in its place for the weekend. Ayden discovered that he could use his little step stool to reach some books that he usually only gets to read with us so that kept him busy while I got my clean on. Now the challenge will be to see if we can keep it that way during our busy weekend. If not, there's always Monday. 

We just left a birthday cookout at our friends' house and our spirits are high and life is good. Feeling this way makes me want to share 5 happy things from our week:

1) Nap time with my cuddle bugs.

2) Ayden has so many real words now that I have trouble thinking of them all. He also will try his best to repeat things we say. He even pointed to his eyes and said, "Mama!  Eyes!" After he splashed himself in the bath and wanted me to wipe his eyes with a towel. 

3) We are still eating from our garden. Weeds are starting to take over a bit but we are still getting tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and this yummy purple okra:

4) A freshly groomed husky!  It saves me so much time since I don't have to vacuum so much and he is so much softer to pet. He probably feels better too. It must have been quite the job because they charged us an all time high of $95. I think it is time to find a new groomer...

5) We tried out a new (to us) playground at a church just a couple of miles from our house. The equipment is great and it backs up to the mare division of a horse farm. 

Horses are awesome. Baby horses are even better. 

We plan on frequenting that playground often from now on. 

What are your 5 happy things today??


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