Wednesday, August 7, 2013

6 Ways To Use Fresh Tomatoes

Our tomato plants have decided it is their time to shine!  Luckily the cucumber plants have slowed down a bit or we'd really be up to our ears!  While not as versatile as the cucumber, there is still a great deal to do with tomatoes other than your standard salad topping or BLT.  Here are a few popular ways to prepare tomatoes as well as a few new recipes we are looking forward to trying!

There's always canning.  Sauce, salsa, paste, diced, crushed, stewed, etc, etc.
Good ol' fashioned tomato soup.

or on french bread as a nice Bruschetta.
Fried Green
Sun Dried.
Marinated and roasted. YUM!
I recently used this recipe as inspiration for a quick sauce to go over our spaghetti squash.  I added some sauteed garlic, onions, green pepper and mushrooms as well as some tomato paste for flavor and thickness.  It turned out SO good and didn't have to simmer all day long. I'll definitely be making it again. WIN!!
I've never known a tomato plant that hasn't over produced leaving it's caretaker frantically walking bags of tomatoes to all of their neighbors!  We planted a TON of tomato plants this season so we have our work cut out for us!  Either that or our friends will with all the tomatoes we'll be running to their houses.  Ha!

What is our favorite way to use up extra tomatoes?


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