Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back To Life

I'm back!  Though I will admit, a bit reluctantly. As we left Wisconsin and started our 12 hour road trip back to KY, I had the Soul II Soul song from the 80s stuck in my head, "Back to life. Back to reality."  I could have easily stayed at this little slice of heaven for another week. 

This trip helped me realize how much I love lakes and that I even prefer them over beach vacations. Especially since the place we were staying had a small, walk in sand "beach."  It was so nice because Ayden enjoyed standing ankle deep in the water and was completely entertained by throwing handfuls of sand into the lake for extended periods of time. Here are the few pictures I took on my phone during the week:

Wind blown after our first boat ride. 

Ayden fell asleep every time he was on a water craft. He got to experience a motor boat, a canoe and a kayak. 

One of my sisters and I kayaked to the beautiful, secluded lake on which all of our magical childhood memories took place. 

It was even better than we remembered. 

The cabins were a bit... rustic (that is being kind) but that didn't bother me a bit. The reason we were there was to reunite with distant family and celebrate the memory of our grandparents. We had potlucks and bon fires. We played ultimate frisbee and tennis. We all sat around reminiscing and sharing ideas and points of view. We were able to talk about culture, parenting, food, etc with our family that lives in Switzerland. It was so neat to hear how they do things. Ayden LOVED having so many cousins around and started saying, "Mm hmm" for yes instead of just nodding his head, among other developments, during all of his time with his older cousins. 

We hope to make this a regular event. Perhaps every other year?  I loved going back to one of my favorite childhood places and having all of my siblings and cousins, who all feel the exact same way, there with me made it that much better. I also enjoyed that I finally got to share such a special place with David since he has heard so much about it over the years. 

The thought that my own children might get to have the magic of all of our Wisconsin traditions in their lives too is really special. I do hope that we make it a regular thing and that everyone will make efforts to come and make it as wonderful as this trip was. I have plenty more pictures to share after we get unpacked and get our DSLR emptied. Back to life. Back to reality. 


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  1. Welcome back! Sounds like it was a wonderful time!