Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tackling A Beast

Ayden spent most of his afternoon at David's Parents' house so that we could tackle this beast:

When we moved in to the cottage, we kind of just put stuff into the shed as we unloaded.  We were in a hurry and it's also easier to really organize things once you have everything in front of you, all in the same place.  We waited this long to get the job done because the shed actually belonged to the previous tenants.  We knew there was a possibility that they'd want it back or that they'd try and sell it.  We didn't want to get it all organized only to turn it around and have to move everything out again.  Lucky for us, when the previous tenants did decide to sell it, our landlord bought it from them so now this amazing shed belongs with the cottage.  It's a good thing too because without it, there's hardly any storage at all.  

I didn't think to take a before picture but I did take a few progress shots (all were taken at the same time):

Empty boxes from the move

First, we emptied the shed and made piles of like items.  All of the camping/hiking gear together, all of the swimming/outdoor activity/summer fun together, seasonal decor tubs together, etc, etc.  Once it was all emptied out, and we gave it a good sweep, we started putting everything back.  We put the items that we'll want to access more often on the main level and things like empty, broken down boxes, seasonal decor tubs, garage sale items, etc. in the two lofts.  Here's are some after shots:

The lofts

Left loft = garage sale items/items we won't need until after we build.

Right loft = empty, broken down boxes, seasonal storage

There's even room to grow!  We plan to put all of my theme tubs from when I taught preschool here.  I can't wait to have easy access to them all.  Up until now they've always been up in an attic and were so hard to get to.  I'm starting to use everything with Ayden so it will be amazing to have it in such a convenient place!

It felt so good to get this crossed off of our to do list!  We now have room to bring the rest of our boxes from my parents' attic which also means we can finish decorating the cottage!

We ended our day with a dinner date with some friends and a movie on Netflix.  Here's to a great week!!


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