Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Tower For Our Helper

We have a new piece of furniture that we are all loving!

David built Ayden a Little Helper tower a couple of months ago and it was a hit from the very beginning!

We searched around a lot for free plans and we ended up using these. They were detailed, easy to follow (I say that as if I followed them myself...) and it turned out great!

"Thanks, Daddy!!"
Of course, you could always use a chair or step stool. That is what my sisters and I did as kids and we totally survived. The reason we wanted a tower like this was so he could be up and involved as much as he wants!  If we only had a chair to use, he could only be in on the action during tasks where we could have a hand free to steady him when he needed it. Plus, this tower can get dirty and wet and we don't care. We painted it with exterior latex paint and we can scrub away without worrying about removing finish or having stained cushions. The way he is boxed in and has a place to hold on all sides is comforting to us all. 

One of the coolest features is how the platform can be lowered as he grows. At 18 months, he can easily climb in and out all by himself.

Preparing food is a big part of our lives. We love doing it and he has taken a big interest in it too so we cook as a family and it makes it that much more enjoyable. 

If you aren't crafty or have access to a handy hubby, you can purchase a Little Partner's Learning Tower. Those can even come with all kinds of bells and whistles (puppet theater and easel attachments for instance). 

Does your little one enjoy helping in the kitchen?  We set Ayden up with a little mixing bowl, a wooden spoon, a cutting board a Gerber knife and a little produce and he is a very happy little boy!


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  1. Haha, I just pinned that same tutorial a few weeks ago! I can't wait for my husband to get started on it for our two year old. We will probably be doing it as a Christmas gift for him. Thanks for the post on it! :)