Saturday, August 3, 2013


We spent our day on the road today. We are heading to Wisconsin for a family reunion (stopping in Minnesota to visit some friends!). My grandparents lived in Wisconsin all throughout my childhood. To a child their house, on a lake in the woods, was magical. Since both of my parents had summers off and winter breaks from their jobs, we'd spend 2 weeks in WI every summer and every 3rd Christmas (alternating with Christmas with my other set of grandparents in Florida and home). In the summer we caught tiny tree toads, went fishing, had Tuesday night fish fries and Saturday morning pancakes. Our winter trips consisted of lots of hot chocolate, several feet of snowman-making snow, ice fishing, and Christmas tree hunting with a sled in the woods. We'd bring the tree back and listen to their Alvin and the Chiomunks record while we threaded cranberries and popcorn for the tree. Seriously it was, and has remained, a magical place in my memories. 

2 years ago, we got a save the date from my aunt. She had reserved a lodge for our entire family. My dad is one of 5 children and all of them along with all of their spouses, children, children's spouses, grand children and even some great grand children will be there. We have family coming from Switzerland, Canada, Washington State, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, all over the place. Every single one of us is coming to honor the two amazing people who started it all. 

We are going to eat at their favorite restaurant, are planning a fish fry and pancake breakfast. We are even going to have Christmas in August while we listen to the chipmunks and decorate keepsake ornaments for a tree. We are also going to have lots of outdoor fun, water skiing, hiking, fishing, etc. it is going to be great!

The cabins do not have Internet access and even cell phone service is poor. I decided to pre-write some posts and have them scheduled to upload while I am away. It was a lot of work but for the first time in 18 months I am going to be completely unplugged. No Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube. No blogging. Nothing. I am going to leave my phone behind and take the time to snap some pictures on my nice camera and video on my actual camcorder, if I even take many at all. 

It feels so weird but the break is so welcomed. I think in today's day and age it is important to unplug once in a while.  I am looking forward to being in the present old school style. 

 I hope you enjoy the posts I have prepared for while I am away. They are scheduled to post at 9:00 every night. If for some reason they don't, you'll know why.  

Now I have some reuniting to do. With family and with life, sans technology. See you on the other side!



  1. That sounds wonderful, so glad you're getting a tech break too! Enjoy x

  2. So wonderful. Enjoy your break and the time with your family.

  3. Sounds amazing, hope you have a great time :)

    And we must think alike because we had the same infant carseat and just upgraded to the same rear-facing carseat! Random I know ;)

  4. What a special weekend you have planned! Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!

  5. Wow! Sounds like its going to be wonderful! Can't wait to hear all about it later :)