Saturday, August 11, 2012

Whirlwind Of A Day

We were on the move today from start to finish!

First stop: Nephew's 1st birthday! He LOVED the muffin matching game. I would even go as far as to say it was his favorite. There's just nothing like a home made gift with love!

Second stop: Jessica's bridal shower! I've always loved bridal and baby showers. There's just something about a bunch of ladies getting together to celebrate these two things that is always awesome. Ayden was in a bit of a strange mood where he'd be smiling one minute and fussing the next. He was half asleep for the gift opening but livened up afterward. My team won the toilet paper bride's maid dress competition so that put the cherry on top!

Third Stop: I swung back by my parents' house to see my sister and her kids one last time before they leave tomorrow morning. Ayden was also hungry so we took a nursing break.

Fourth stop: home to change and eat dinner (paleo crunch cereal for lack of a better option... Poor meal planning this week. Oops)

Fifth Stop: Down town for our 5k.

Before the race!
  It was really fun! It's always nice to be around other folks who are enjoying the same thing as you. I think that's the same reason I've always liked carnivals, festivals, parades, etc. Our town closes down all of its main streets and thousands of people of all shapes and sizes come out to run/walk together.  My goal was to run with Ayden in the stroller the whole time, no walking, and I made it! :) 

Before and after :)
 The best part was the distraction of people watching while I ran.  With so many people, some running barefoot, some with dogs or young children running along side, some in pairs where one is encouraging the other the whole way, it was hard to remember that I was running while pushing a stroller with a 14 pound baby in it.  The worst part was all the weaving!  That amount of people all in one place was great for people watching but there was no rhyme or reason to who was walking and who was running so I was constantly coming up on walkers that I'd have to go around.  The whole "shortest distance between two points is a straight line" thing wasn't happening for me tonight.  I probably ran an extra half mile in weaving alone.  The important thing is that I met my goal and had fun doing it!  Ayden slept for most of it which was awesome too.  I really loved having him with me and I hope we can continue to do these as he grows so that he can always be involved with us while we are active and enjoying our lives!  He'll be joining us and running on his own before we know it.

Now we are home and he is awake...  Not sure if his nap in the stroller was his nights sleep or what.  He's sleepy and David is on daddy duty and working on getting him back to sleep.  Hopefully we'll all be asleep soon!  We are looking forward to a relaxing recuperation day tomorrow. 


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