Thursday, August 9, 2012


Yesterday I mentioned that Ayden is the youngest of 6 grandchildren for my parents. Well today, all 6 were together in the same place at the same time! How would I describe it? A fun and wonderful circus :).

My sisters and all of their kids met us at story time this morning. Afterward, we browsed the bookstore/wrangled all of the kids and then headed to the book store cafe for lunch. Ayden was beyond tired and slept through most of lunch.

Two of the older boys admiring a sleeping Ayden.  Little Girl in the background getting into mischief...
 I enjoyed all of the quality time spent with my sisters and their kids but I can say that since we never eat out anymore, my patience for the whole process has greatly decreased. I was up and headed out the door as soon as I got my check card back!

After lunch I parted ways with the rest of the clan so I could come home and switch over the diaper laundry and finish making the boys' fort kits.

Pillowcases $1.00 and sheets $2.50 from the Good Will
Here is what I ended up putting inside:

Each item cost $1.00 at the Dollar Tree
 For around $8 per boy they ended up with hours of fun! They were actually supposed to go fishing today but got rained out so fort play was a pretty perfect alternative if I do say so myself.

It was really fun watching all of our kids play together. There are the three older boys who come and go as they play their big kid games and then there are the three babies. It is neat how they are spaced the way they are in age. I always loved playing with cousins when I was little and I'm so glad that Ayden will get to grow up with the same kinds of memories.

I picked up some salads from Whole Foods (our version of take out) on my way home and we finished the evening with a walk and downtime. My sister and her family will be in town through Sunday so the next few days will be filled with all kinds of fun and excitement!

Good night!


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  1. I know what you mean by circus. My kids are of 7 grandchildren all under 4! My sisters-in-law and I have babies in the same year so there is the oldest girl (4), 3 2010 babies and now 3 2012 babies. We all go the grandparents house every weekends and there are kids everywhere! I do love that they are going to be close friends. It's nice to hear other people having those memories too.