Friday, August 3, 2012

Feels Like Saturday

As a stay at home mommy, the days of the week don't have quite the same meaning as they did while I was working. Other than Little Miss coming on Mondays and Wednesdays, the optional story time on Thursdays, and my dance teaching, my schedule is pretty open. I have to say I have grown quite accustomed to the freedom and really enjoy making my own schedule. I also find myself losing track of the days sometimes. When I was working, I always knew what day it was but now I find myself double checking. For some reason, yesterday felt like Friday to me. I guess it was because I taught dance, which I did on Fridays last season, and David has made some schedule changes which has freed him up to hang with us a little more in the evenings. So naturally, since yesterday felt like Friday, today has felt more like a Saturday (except for the fact that David wasn't home with us). I spent the morning organizing some digital files, emptying our cameras and uploading some photos to our photo shop account for sharing. Ayden played so nicely next to me while I worked.

We had another rough night last night so I tried to nap during his morning nap though things kept waking me up. Around lunch time we moved the party down stairs where I made some home made spaghetti sauce while Ayden watched in the Moby. It turned out SOOO good! It took 6 hours to simmer and turn glorious so I'm glad I doubled the recipe so we can have the same deliciousness next time without all the work.

Right after I got it all prepped and simmering away, I decided it would be nice to meet a friend at a consignment event. In an effort to avoid burning down our house, I transferred the sauce to the crockpot and crossed my fingers that it would turn out okay and it totally did. I also attribute how good it turned out to the fact that I add maple syrup. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness.

I didn't intend on buying anything but when I saw this Little Tykes piano for $5 I couldn't resist.

As of right now he likes playing it himself but loves when we play it for him. When we play he sits back and listens with a smile on his face. When we stop, he looks at our hands like he's willing them to play some more. It was too cute!

We had a lot of quality family time this evening.

 We went for a walk, had dinner, David joined me for Ayden's bath and bedtime routine (he usually uses that time to get in some exercise) and then we settled in for a movie.

Ayden has already woken twice since David put him to sleep around 8. We've done a lot of talking tonight about what plan we need to put into place about Ayden's sleep and whether his frequent night waking is due to milestones/growth spurt or is a habit. It's so tricky because each would require a different kind of response and we honestly don't really know what to do. I think step one will be to keep a log so we can spot any patterns or make any other notes that may help us. As much as I love parenting, it sure can be tough sometimes too.


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