Sunday, August 5, 2012

So Much Fun!

I think Ayden is gearing up for a growth spurt. Between his frequent night feedings, my constant hunger and fuller than usual boobs I'd say it's pretty safe to say. I hope that some sleep changes come with said growth spurt because we had another rough night last night.

We had a busy day today! For our morning, we had breakfast took care of some computer work and took a family nap. Well Ayden and I napped, David rested with us for a little while then ended up getting up and being productive. After lunch, we headed to my parents' house to visit and do a 10 month photo shoot for our niece.

Ayden on the farm sporting his new "squishy" face.  Too funny!!
Then it was onto David's parents' house for a visit and dinner.  After dinner (ribeyes, yum!) we all sat on the floor in the living room and Ayden came to life more than ever before! David wondered if he had a little fruit sugar buzz from the two orange slices he had at dinner (Valencia oranges are his absolute favorite food to date). That definitely could have been part of it but I also think he's just getting to a very social age now. Everyone was sitting around him, laughing and playing and he was feeding off all of that awesome energy!

He was crawling around, smiling and squishing up his little nose. David was squeaking a giraffe toy that they keep there for him and he was giggling like crazy.

He also had fun playing our new "timber" game where you stand him up, let go and catch him as he falls. He is interacting with the world and people around him more and more and it is so much fun!

As we drove away, Ayden was asleep before we made it out of the neighborhood and David said, "I think that's the most fun I've had with him yet!" and the best part? It's only just begun.  <3 br="br"> ~Sarah

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