Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fashion Statement

We slept in until 9am today! That's a record and we sure did enjoy it! For our movie night last night, we pulled out our couch bed in the living room and it added a fun little twist :). It was a little too comfy I suppose because David fell asleep and I ended up watching the movie by myself... I really enjoyed it since I don't just sit and watch a movie very much these days.

We had a pretty productive day. We borrowed a carpet cleaner from David's parents and our carpets are now spit up free, though I'm sure Ayden will change that soon enough. Now that it seems to be slowing down we'll be putting a little more effort into actually cleaning it up when it happens. Up until now it happened so much that we'd be spending the whole day cleaning the carpets so we just wiped what we could and would move on.

After lunch we headed to the grocery where I accidentally wore these beautys:

These are what I wear out in the yard and around the house sometimes. I know some people actually wear them out of the house but it's really not my style. Especially with them as bright as they are. I realized that I never changed out of them once we were half way to Whole Foods. We were in a bit of a hurry so there was no turning back. We got a good laugh and I owned them as well as one can own such beautiful crocks. I bet no one even noticed, right? We'll blame it on mommy brain though I did accidentally do it a couple of times before Ayden was born.

Ayden is still in a really great phase right now and is usually in a really good mood.

His newest facial expression.  So cute!
His morning nap was a little over an hour but he missed his afternoon nap altogether. We could tell he was getting tired and he did end up getting fussy but all things considered he really powered through for us.

We are camping out at my parent's farm tonight and have Maverick with us to see how he might do. We want to camp a lot this fall and don't want to pay for a kennel stay for Mav every time. We also think he might really enjoy it. We shall see how it goes!

My boys are already snoozing next to me. Now it's time to listen to the crickets as I fall asleep. Ah the sounds of my childhood are so soothing.

~ Sarah

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