Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Doting Nurse

Ayden was still feeling under the weather today.

Droopy eyes and runny nose (from crying).  Poor little guy!
 His fever fluctuated all night and none of us got a whole lot of sleep. It never got above 102*F, though, and was hovering between low 99* and high 98* by the time we woke up. It didn't get back down to his usual high 97* until after dinner, now here it is almost 9:00 and he's still going strong.  He must be making up for lost time...

Most of the day he's just wanted to be held so I've spent my day holding him, nursing him, wearing him, reading to him, etc.

You can always tell how a baby is feeling just by looking at their eyes...
He took 3 naps today which is great since his little body needs rest! Around 3:30 he started to perk up and played around in the kitchen like he usually does but his stamina is down. After a while this is what I saw:

 My heart broke in a million pieces and that's when we headed for his last nap of the day.

Being sick is no fun! This very situation is one of the many reasons why I always wanted to be a stay at home mom. When I was little, all I wanted when I was sick was my mother. I am so glad that we don't have to endure the added stress of deciding which parent would take off work, calling in a sub (since I used to be a teacher) and feeling guilty about staying home. Or, even worse, leaving my sick baby with someone else while I went to work and worried about him all day. For Ayden's first sick day he had his mommy to hold him and nurse him and love on him as much as he wanted. My mom was always so good at making us feel as comfortable as possible when we were sick. She doted on us so much that we actually wanted to be sick once we caught on to what a good nurse she was. I remember willing the numbers to keep rising on the thermometer so that my mom would make me a bed on the couch, tuck me in, serve me flat sprite and chicken noodle soup and love on me all day long. As the youngest of three of a very busy small business owner mother, it was awesome and worth feeling yucky!

It is so funny that I have fond memories of being sick as a child. I hope I can make something so crumby turn into something so nice for Ayden to look back on and I think we are off to a good start.

And just because I forgot to share this yesterday:

How could I forget to share such cuteness?!?
Hopefully Ayden will get tired sometime soon so we can all get to bed! He's currently practicing his standing and is busy hitting his soccer ball rattle on everything.  Yup... definitely making up for lost play time today. So glad he is finally feeling better!


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