Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Next Step

Ayden was a busy boy today! He was hard at work practicing his standing all day. He does limit himself to pulling up on objects that are shorter than him. The dishwasher door, the little shelf under the table in his nursery, his wipe container, my lap, you name it! If it is shorter than him, he's going to use it to practice standing up. He even "steadied" himself on the Boppy pillow that was leaning up against the table in his nursery.

 It wasn't very sturdy and he almost took a little spill but recovered nicely and got right back up. I can't believe he's already moving onto walking! Standing is the first step, so to speak... He did this same thing with crawling. He just worked and worked all day long for days until he mastered it. He never really showed a lot of pride with crawling like he did with rolling over and now standing. He's also a thrill seeker! He was playing a game with David this afternoon where he'd pull up on his Zaney Zoo and then let go, throw his head back and fall so David could catch him from behind. It is amazing how he's starting to make up his own games. Here is a video of their fun.  It is a little long but I knew David and I would want every second of it while looking back on all of this someday:

He's also developed a new fascination with rugs. He likes to pull their corners back and then let them fall back into place. He's gets especially interested if said corner has a tag underneath.

We think that his top teeth are starting to bother him. We can't see or feel anything yet but he's drooling a little more, gnawing on his fingers a lot, getting "the screams" when he chews on certain toys/while he eats and had two meltdowns this morning. The same signs he showed about a week before his bottom two popped through. Poor little guy! The rest of the day was great, but only because I put my to do's on hold so I could focus on him. Anytime I tried to do a chore he'd follow me around half whining, half crying. In other words, he had a clingy day. For instance, I needed to mop the kitchen floor. Not only have Ayden's knees, the tops of his feet and the bottoms on his clothes been getting super dirty lately, David also dropped our jar of Paleo Crunch cereal this morning and shattered it all over the kitchen floor.  WOOPS!  He swept up the mess with the broom but we didn't want Ayden crawling through any tiny pieces of glass so I planned to vacuum and mop as well, just to be sure. Right after Ayden woke from his afternoon nap, I knew I had a window of content time which I used to get the whole down stairs vacuumed (again... Maverick is starting blow his undercoat which actually makes these efforts futile). Ayden actually loves the vacuum and follows me around all the while trying to touch it. When I was ready to mop I needed him to stay put so I tried putting him in his excer-saucer but he gets bored pretty quickly with it these days. Next I decided to put him in the sink but that only lasted about 5 minutes.

 It was no surprise since the sides were perfect for pulling up on... Lastly, I attempted to back carry him in the Ergo. He had fun practically ripping my hair out while I struggled with getting him in by myself (that's going to take more practice) and thought it was hilarious. Once I got him in he loved it at first but he started fussing as soon as I started mopping.

Notice the shirt change from this morning?  I tried to nurse him while Little Miss was playing and he pulled off to watch her just as my milk let down all over the red shirt.  Awesome... Distractability at it's best!

By that time David was going to be home soon so I gave up and waited for him to hang with Ayden while I finally got the job done. David decided to stay home from his workout tonight since he is still sore from Monday night.  We ended the evening with dinner and a family walk and got in bed early.

There really never is a dull moment in our lives these days.  We are constantly on the move and just trying to live the moments as they are happening so that they don't pass us by too quickly!

We love him so much!!


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