Sunday, August 19, 2012

House Hunting

Happy baby!
 Not too much to report today.  We all slept well last night and Ayden had another stellar day today.  I love that in between growth spurts, teething, developmental milestones etc. we seem to have "breaks" where he is pretty go with the flow and fun-loving.  We spent the morning doing some more projects around the house/cleaning.  Ayden had egg for the first time and as with everything else, totally loved it.  Egg whites are often a delayed food for babies but with Baby Led Weaning they are not discouraged if there isn't a history of an egg allergy in your family.  We made sure they were nice and scrambled, almost to the point of being dry and gave him a small portion. We are always on the lookout for any signs of allergic reactions and all was clear all day until right after dinner.  When I was cleaning him up I noticed some redness around his mouth and a little on his belly.  The crazy part is that dinner was leftovers from last night so we ate the exact foods that he had last night (pork chops, brussel sprouts and cinnamon applesauce) without any problems.  The only new food he had today was the egg but he ate that around 9:30am and this didn't happen until 6:30pm so we highly doubt that they caused it.  The good thing is that by the time we finished our after dinner walk, it was already clearing up and was completely gone by the time he went to bed at 8pm.  We'll see if it happens again on another egg or cinnamon day and perhaps we'll have our answer?  Or it could have just been a fluke.

He's our good little eater!
We spent the afternoon going to open houses and driving around looking for other houses that are for sale.  Our house isn't even on the market yet but we wanted to get an idea of how happy we'd be in a smaller house and plus, it's just fun to daydream about the next chapter in our lives.  I've always loved going inside all kinds of different houses and seeing different lay out possibilities.  I also spent my fair share of time watching House Hunters on TLC back when we had cable so needless to say, real life house hunting has always been fun for me.  We saw a few that we liked but none that we loved.  We weren't too picky when we purchased our current house and have regretted that a bit ever since.  We have our list of "must have" and "added bonus" features and if a house doesn't make the cut we will just move on until we find something that fits the bill.  Our town has so many homes, a lot of which are for sale, and obviously we aren't in a hurry so we'll just look and look until we find our fit!  In the meantime, we'll just enjoy touring other people's homes for the fun of it!



  1. I always wanted to be a real estate agent. I love going inside homes. I LOVE House Hunters too!!!

  2. It is very common for kids skin to turn red in response to cinnamon. It is not an allergy, just a skin reaction, and it goes away within a short period of time. My daughter and niece both have it. I was really freaked out the first time it happened.

  3. Aubrey reacted like that to cinnamon and we stopped giving it for a while but it was never an allergy. It was just a normal reaction to the cinnamon because cinnamon can tend to be irritating. Ever put straight cinnamon in your mouth!?!?! HOT HOT HOT. =) Good luck!