Thursday, September 10, 2015

Things Are Changing

Now that Logan has turned one, things are changing...

He has learned to climb up on the chairs from our kitchen table. 

That face!  He was making a vehicle noise. ;)
What a great way to kick off his second year! Ayden was never a "climber" so this is new territory and should be pretty interesting.

They are getting SO fun together!!!
We also had soccer practice tonight!

All sprawled out on Daddy, listening to Coach.

Logan played in the dirt which, of course, kept him just as happy as always. 

And now for the big change... I am no longer going to be a daily blogger. I am going to shift my focus to quality over quantity and this *should* provide more entertaining content.  It will also allow me to just collapse on the couch to watch a movie with David on a Friday night without having to publish a post first (or having to bring the computer to the couch with me). We have so much going on that I will probably still post most days; but if a post is missing every now and then at least you'll know why! It's been three and a half years and now I am looking forward to a new chapter and a little more freedom.


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  1. Good for you. I recently decided to be a daily journal blogger and its something I can stick to for even a month. You did 3 years. Wow, commitment for sure. Relax with your husband.

  2. I can't believe you've been going so long! I can barely add the highs and lows in a journal once in a while. I love your blog and miss you on YouTube so I guess I'll have to get my Ladnier fix on Instagram! (tricia.berry)

  3. You definitely deserve a blogging break! Three years is quite an accomplishment. I will miss your daily blogs but look forward to your posts whenever they will happen in the future.

    I started following you on youtube when I was pregnant and looking up cloth diaper info - I miss your videos(!) - and then found your blog through there right after Ayden turned one. It was super helpful to follow along with your daily activities because you are so good at deliberate parenting.

    Enjoy your relaxing down time! :)

  4. Awesome! You deserve it!

  5. I don't know how you did it as long as you did! I think we are all happy to hear you doing the healthy thing for you! Can't wait to read about Logan's party when you get around to it!

  6. Are you ever coming back to youtube?