Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Did Ya Miss Me??

Oh, hey there! It's been a while... My little hiatus was longer than I originally anticipated, but rest assured, I have no intention of abandoning this blog!  Bare with me because this may be a lengthy update... Here's what we've been up to since I last posted:

We had a fun Friday night at a nearby creek: 

We went Paw Paw picking and discovered that Ayden still LOVES our native fruit!

Logan has been as adventurous as ever!

We harvested our honey!

David and I had another date night. 

BABIES!  Our dear friends had their sweet girl come unexpectedly early but she is doing great!  We can't wait to meet her and have been loving the photos they send/post.  I also became an auntie for the 7th time!  I have one nephew on David's side and from my sisters I have one niece and now FIVE nephews. If you are counting he's the EIGHTH grandchild for my parents.  My heart is so wonderfully full!   

His was the first birth I have attended since experiencing childbirth myself and the link that it gave my sister and me was pretty special.

David went out of town for work just in time for her to go into labor. I pulled an all-nighter to be with her. Ayden spent the night with David's parents and Logan came along with me and (mostly) slept in the Ergo. 

I would have never tried that with another baby.
Mr. Logan is a really special little dude and just went with the flow as usual.
It took me DAYS to bounce back from that. Partially because I was on my own and had the kids to take care of; but also because I'm just not a spring chick anymore!  Haha. 

Morning snuggles with just the three of us.
We MISSED Daddy but still had some pretty special moments.

Ayden is almost done with his pre-soccer program. His big "game" is this Thursday. 

Smiling at Daddy, waiting to block the shot he was about to take!

His imagine is as wild as ever!  At any given moment he may be a camper, a pirate, a hunter, a squirrel, a frog, a T-Rex, a boy name Jack from his "Magic Treehouse" books, a rat named "Samuel Wiskers" from Beatrix Potter's "Roly Poly Pudding" story...  He is in a stage where he LOVES to make believe!  

Our house passed the rough-in electrical inspection right out of the gate!! 

WARNING: *proud bragging wife moment is about to commence* The inspector seemed really impressed by David's DIY abilities and said he usually has to visit a home upwards of 10 times before most DIYers pass his inspections.

I am SO incredibly proud of my handy hubby! Before  building is this house, he had only built a learning tower for Ayden and a chicken coop. Between his smarts, work experience with design, reading books/message boards, he has become a self taught carpenter, plumber, electrician, landscape architect, and so much more. When I step back and look at what a gift this house has been, not just for us, but to him, I am amazed and so grateful. He has grown so much as a person since setting out on this venture and that was the foundational purpose all along. What a symbolic and special home this will always be!

This week the insulation will be installed and then the drywall next week.  We decided to hire folks to take care of these tasks quickly for us.  Then we'll be doing things like tiling the shower, installing switch plates/fixtures/faucets/etc., preparing the floors, painting and such.  The ball is about to start rolling REALLY fast and we are excited!!

Other than all of that (haha, as if that wasn't already an overload!), the boys have just been having fun and we've all been living life while trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Just like we always do. 

Logan channeled his inner newborn and took a 3 hour nap today!
He was either inspired by his new baby cousin, or he's about to have a growth spurt...

These evenings "off" from blogging have been wonderful!  David and I have enjoyed more time spent together and I have been getting a little more sleep. While I do hope to post more frequently than this little hiatus allowed, turning it down a notch was definitely the right choice for me at this time. I am thinking Tuesdays may be a good start for at least weekly updates...  I'll see how that feels and go from there! As always, thanks for following along and you'll be seeing is again soon!

Comment below and let me know what you've been up to!  I've missed you guys :D.



  1. Hi there! So happy to see an update :) What a busy couple of weeks you all had. You always seem to handle it in stride and with such grace. I just don't know how you do it (though I realize we don't see all the nitty gritty) there's just something about your approach that I aspire to. Happy to hear you're still planning on blogging. Things wouldn't be the same without Ladnier family updates :)

  2. Yay! So glad that you're back! I always enjoy your updates. :)


  3. Really miss your updates......hope everything is ok.

  4. You have gone way too long without an update! You and your sweet family are really missed, lady!

  5. I know! I had an update drafted but there was a glitch and I lost it. I'll update soon. As always, TONS to update on! :D