Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Got Milk?

A few big things happened today. We watched Ayden's birth video (which is amazing!), we went for a walk (hadn't seen the sunshine in days) and my milk came in (it looks like I've gotten a boob job). I noticed yesterday that the girls were starting to get fuller.  I told David that I thought my milk would come in within the next couple of days and I was right...  During my first post-partum appointment today, they went from kind of full to completely engorged.  This was in a matter of a hour or two.  Luckily my midwife was with me while it was happening so I was able to get advice on what to do right away.  My instructions were to nurse often, use a warm compress right before feeding, take a hot shower and massage any knots (which could be clogged ducts) and as a last resort, pump just enough to take the edge off.  You see, breastfeeding is a supply and demand system.  When the milk first comes in, it is typically more than your baby needs.  Then the body somehow keeps track of how much milk your baby consumes over the next several days and then adjusts accordingly.  The human body is absolutely amazing!  So, here I am at 11:00pm and heading into a night where I'll be encouraging Ayden to nurse as often as I can wake myself up for and I'm sitting here writing a blog post.  It's going to be a long night!  Here is a picture of my new little love enjoying one of his first true milk comas.  I know I'm biased but I think he's pretty darn precious :).


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