Sunday, January 29, 2012

Out and About

Today was a big day!  We got out of the house for the first time since we came home from the hospital.  
We went for a quick grocery run:

I put the Moby Wrap on before I left the house then took him out of the car seat and put him in it when we got there.  It was perfect.  He fell asleep before we even got into the store and slept the whole time.  He likes being snuggled so close to his mommy!

We also went for a walk and used our City Mini stroller.  We loved it!  It's going to be so easy to walk the dog and stroller at the same time.  The fresh air was amazing!

David's parents got us this blue LL Bean bunting for our stroller for Christmas.  It really does keep him cozy and we'll be able to use it until he's 3 or 4.  Here he is snug as a bug :).

Today was a great day overall.  Some of our good friends were in town from Nashville and they brought us lunch then we had taco salad night with my parents and sister. I felt better emotionally and we are looking forward to starting to find our new routine this week. Now we are cuddled on the couch watching Heros on Netflix then it's off to bed.  See you tomorrow with a pediatrician update!


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  1. You look like an adorable new mom! So happy for you and your new addition. :)