Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great Waiting Game...

Tomorrow is January 17, 2012... our estimated due date. I've been experiencing some interesting symptoms since Friday (a couple of spells of crampy contractions as well as some pelvic pressure) but nothing too crazy. David and I got all bundled up yesterday and took Maverick for a brisk 3 mile walk and I've been bouncing on my birth ball and engaging in... other physical activity as much as possible ;). I know all of these things are supposed to get the baby in position, and possibly even induce labor, but at the end of the day our little guy is going to come when he's good and ready. Until then I'll continue to try to encourage things to get moving as well as do as much of this as possible:
Snuggling with my cat, Polly
...because I know relaxing just may become a thing of the past very soon! I am actually using the Blogger App on my iPhone to write this and think it will definitely help me post much more often!! See you soon!

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