Friday, January 27, 2012

The Little Things

Tomorrow Ayden will be 1 week old. I know it's cliche but time really does fly! If I were to sum up the past week in two words I would say exhausting and wonderful. Waking up to nurse him every two hours is hard but at the same time just feels right. My midwife has suggested that we stick to a two hour feeding schedule until he has regained his birth weight. After that we can let him decide his feeding schedule. Since I do spend so much time feeding him I also get to spend time memorizing his tiny features. I love the blonde peach fuzz he has along his jaw line and across his back. I love the way he smacks his lips when he un-latches and my absolute favorite part is the milk coma that takes over when he's had his fill. This is when he makes the most adorable facial expressions and even gives me a little smile now and then. I know it'll be a while before he smiles at me on purpose but for now these accidental smiles melt my heart just the same. Now it's time to tackle the nighttime feeding routine! Goodnight. :)

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