Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chicken Run

We had a very wintery day here today (and it's about time since it is January and all...).

Glad we had some new toys to keep us busy inside!
It started out rainy and as the day passed it got colder and colder. Puddles froze and the rain turned into snow. Our entire brick patio was like a little ice skating rink  I had to hold on tight to Ayden while he walked across it. Whenever I looked out, I rarely saw the chickens which is not the norm. I figured they were being smart, staying out of the frigid air and hanging out on their coop. David got home a little late because of the road conditions. I usually go ahead and put them up for the night when he runs late but tonight, I didn't want to take Ayden out with all the ice and temps in the teens. By the time David got home, changed out of his work clothes and all bundled up, it was dark. He went out and there were only 7 chickens around the coop, ready for dinner. The others were nowhere to be found.  David looked around a bit and found a few in our neighbor's barn, a field away. Then he found a few more under our shed (he had looked there earlier but must have missed them. Once it is dark, chickens go to sleep and there isn't much you can do to wake them. I guess they were seeking shelter from the weather and waited it out a little too long. 

I took care of Ayden's bedtime routine and he fell asleep by 7:30. My mom is on standby to come and sit at our house in case he wakes up while I go out and help David find the rest if he needs me. It is getting very cold tonight and we would sleep much better knowing all of our girls are home, safe and warm. 

This is part of farming. It comes with the territory. We have living creatures under our care and it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to keep them safe, even if that means trudging around in the dark with flashlights, in teen temps.  I guess while we are in this cold spell, we might need to leave them cooped up if they are just going to seek shelter elsewhere all day anyway. Something to think and talk about his evening.

**Edited to let you know that we finally found all 14 chickens and got them nestled into their coop for the night.  David was able to get all but one on his own and after Ayden was asleep I went out and helped coax the 14th out from under the shed with a rake.  A taste of the farmer's life indeed!**
And now I will leave you with a clip of the most infectious laughter you've ever heard. And all over a rubber band...  He cracks himself up!

The true story is that he was laughing at the fact that he could get Maverick to jump every time he plucked the rubber band.  We hear the same laughter when he chases Maverick around the house with the swiffer or his new roller suitcase.  Mav and Polly are such good sports.


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  1. My 20 month old son lets out the most joyous laugh we've ever heard when he... throws things at us and we cower from them. It's terrible! It's hard not to laugh cause he's just so full of joy. We started to recognize that he starts throwing and hitting when he's tired so we make sure to start the bedtime routine ASAP. If he's not ready and continues to throw or hit, we've started "time in." I am actually really happy the way "time in" is working. We have a blanket set up in a quiet area and we sit down together. He can get up immediately but he must sit down first. That's all we ask. One time is usually enough to curb the behavior and it's getting to the point where we can just say, "do you need to sit down?" He is physically advanced and seems a bit behind cognitively so telling him to be nice or give him a soft ball instead wasn't working and it was getting out of hand. I'm so happy that we found a gentle solution for this "misbehavior." The holidays made it worse since he was so overstimulated but he's getting back on track!