Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Homemade Goo Gone Put To The Test!

Sticker residue is one of my pet peeves. There are stickers and labels out there that come off nice and clean... Why can't everyone use that kind?? The reality is that most stickers do not just come right off. They usually leave a thin layer of paper and adhesive behind, practically ruining the item to which they were stuck. You can use store bought Goo Be Gone but it rates an F on EWG's website with a high concern for cancer and "damage to DNA." No thanks. A hair dryer often works. You warm the sticker a little which warms the adhesive and the sticker will come right off. The trick is to do that before you've attempted to peel the sticker off in the first place.

Last time I left Ayden in the child care center at the Y, I left him with his new Camelback water bottle. You are supposed to label everything you leave with the labels they provide. During previous visits, I used a different cup and the labels peeled right off. Without thinking that a different bottle may make a difference I tried pulling the label right off resulting in this:

A LONG time ago while exploring a favorite blog of mine, I found that she had compiled an entire recipe list (along with a really cute label template) for an array of non-toxic, household cleaners. One of the items on the list was Goo Gone. I pinned it and waited until I needed some.  Today was the day I finally put it to the test.

{Please visit her blog for the exact recipe}
Made with just two simple ingredients that I always keep stocked in the house, I was able to make my own Goo Gone that did not come with a warning to keep it from touching my skin.

A tiny little finger tip full was all it took. The paper that was left behind looked saturated as soon as the Goo Gone touched it.

I used a nylon kitchen scraper to get the rest of the paper off. 

Then used my fingernails and a rough, terry cloth wash cloth for the rest. 

Worked like a charm!
If you are looking for a recipe for homemade goo gone that is non-toxic and actually works, I highly recommend this one!  I printed her recipe list for future reference and have put the labels you need to go with her template on my list of things to buy. Somehow having such pretty labels and printables makes housework that much more fun!

What are the recipes for your favorite homemade, non-toxic household cleaners? Has anyone else tried this one?


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  1. I knew Goo Gone wasn't the best but an F! We use it at work and a coworker mentioned that it sucked the oils right from her fingertips (but that's not surprising.) I try to avoid it but I really will now!
    I love that blog too!