Friday, January 17, 2014

A Day Like Today

I have been needing a day like today.  Ayden has been in a phase where he always wants a playmate.  I am so happy to be that for him but every now and then, a homemaker needs to get a thing or two done around the house.  My choices are to tell him no after he sweetly says, "Come, Mommy" and then listen to him cry while I do my task (a heartbreaking option that I do not choose often) or to just play with him and remind myself that it will all still be there tomorrow... plus some.  Today, he reminded me what it was like to have some balance.  We played together but he also enjoyed playing and reading books alone several times today.  

I made it to the gym where he did not cry at all when I dropped him off at the Kid's Corner.  I took a Yoga/Pilates fusion class then ran a mile on the treadmill.  It felt good!

I got to pretend I was running in a snowstorm.  Beautiful.

David met us for lunch and then Ayden and I came home for a nap.  He was in a great, independent mood when he woke up.  He had a snack and looked at books while I made some chicken soup.  It was ready by the time David got home (a goal of mine that is hit or miss these days).

We ended the evening with a family movie night (Robots),

Look at Ayden clasping his hands.  He does it all the time now.
And after Ayden went to bed, David and I snuggled up for a movie of our own.  I had forgotten what it was like to be able to multitask during my days.  It was a refreshing change for sure!


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