Thursday, January 17, 2013

Trains, Books and Belly Laughs

If it were this time last year, today would have been my due date and guess what happened?!? Our great friends brought their sweet baby girl into the world :). We haven't heard any details yet but got to see a picture and she is just precious. We can't wait to meet her! It's funny that she was born on today of all days. Because "January 17th" was the only thing we had to wrap our heads around as to when our lives would change forever, even though it didn't end up being his actual birthday, it is still a day that has gotten us all nostalgic. I thought I remembered writing a post on my due date but I actually wrote one the day before and the day after.

Because Baby Girl made her debut today, Ayden and I were out and about much earlier than normal because we needed to let their dog out before 9 am. It actually worked out perfectly! I had taken some chicken and apple with us to dance last night and Ayden ate every bite of it right before we left. He fell asleep on the way home (around 7:00 or so) and since he had already eaten we didn't worry about waking him for dinner like we usually do. We let him sleep in his carseat while we had a dinner date and when Ayden woke I changed him for bed and he went right back down. I figured since he technically went to bed at 7, that he'd be up around 7 and I was right! We were up and at 'em at 7:30 and that was the perfect amount of time to get ready, get Ayden ready, take care of our pets, round up our reusable grocery bags and get out the door.

We let out their dog and played with him for a while, went to the grocery and were still 30 minutes early for story time! After story time we came home for lunch and morning nap (which Ayden took in his carseat because despite my efforts, he fell asleep just as we pulled into the neighborhood). I also packed up a few packages that we went to mail later in the afternoon. Since we got such an early start, it ended up being a 2 nap day and Ayden was in such an awesome mood the entire time!

We can't wait to meet Baby Girl and are thinking of our friends as we remember the warm, fuzzy and surreal time of meeting your newborn for the first time. Between now and Monday I'm sure a lot of reminiscing will ensue! I went  into labor around 10 pm on the 19th and we had him just after 4 pm on the 21st. It sure has been a wild and crazy ride right from the beginning! I wonder if each one of his birthdays will summon all of these feelings. Some of them are easy to identify but others are hard to pinpoint whether they are happy or kind of sad, like it is the end of an era. I think perhaps it is just the bitter/sweet fact that time is passing so quickly and there is nothing we can do to slow it down or pause it. Life is a one way train and we are just along for the ride!

Here are a few clips from our day today.

Ayden is babbling up a storm, starting to understand that wheels are for rolling, seems to love housework, has taken his book obsession to a whole new level and has replaced his baby giggle with a big kid belly laugh. We are soaking up and loving every second with this sweet little boy of ours!



  1. This April my son will turn 2 and we will be welcoming baby #2 the same month. It will be hard not to think back to the year we welcomed our son since we'll be doing it all over again, but I'm sure I'd be just as nostalgic even if we weren't about to do it all over again. I don't think I'll ever stop treasuring those memories and taking every opportunity to reflect on them!

  2. My youngest turned 6 months this month and it was definitely a sad moment for me. She is our 3rd and last (due to surgery) so to see her already 1/2 of a year old is so unreal. They just don't stay small long enough :(