Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hunting For Treasures (Part 2)

Enjoying the weather at the park today!
In this post that was written back in July, I wrote about how Ayden's newly developed mobility was enabling him to find various treasures around the house. My how the tables have turned. Now WE are the ones finding "treasures".

There were the baby hair brush, red Crayola marker and travel shampoo that made it through the diaper laundry.

The measuring spoon found in Polly's food bin.

The Ayden spoon found in our vacuum attachment drawer.

The rubber spatula found in Ayden's ball tub.

The 2 Sharpies, Zoku Quick Pop Maker (Google Affiliate Ad) cups and measuring spoon found in the space under Ayden's booster seat.

Then there are the items that are missing altogether. My bedside Chapstick, David's slippers (always one at a time), my face lotion that I keep under my side of the bathroom sink.

And we can't forget the items that are always on the move ranging from anything kept in any cabinet to various books and bathroom toys. We now have an extra, active (VERY active) member of our household who has his own agenda as to where things belong and we can't find what we are looking for half the time. For now it is funny but I have visions of us fishing our keys or other valuable out of the toilet, or better yet flushed down, and I'm not so sure we'll be laughing then. Dull moments are fleeting these days, that's for sure!

Have you gotten to find hidden treasures in your house? Do share!



  1. That is hilarious! I love it :)

    And we are always finding stuff still to this day.

    Our oldest is four now, and two months ago I started my period again after being pregnant for 42 weeks.

    When I went to the bathroom, my little guy asked me what I had... it was a tampon. I told him the truth but in simple terms. It's a tampon and I put it in my vagina. (lol) That's all I told him. He asked if he could see one, and I didn't think it would hurt anything so he played with it for a minute and then threw it away. Fast forward to the next morning...

    Jack (my son) keeps talking about "protecting the tadpoles"... I just pretended I knew what he was talking about and didn't think much of it. Fast forward to me using the restroom and all of my tampons are missing. I go out to the living room and he had ripped everyone of them open, pushed out the applicators and had separated them into baggies. LOL!! Then I remembered... "protecting the tadpoles"

    Ever since my Mother told him the story of Goldielocks& the 3 bears he's been worried about someone coming into our home, eating our food and taking all our things!

  2. we find treasures all over too! last night I was crafting and my daughter (who is a day older than Ayden) was playing with my clean Mod Podge sponge... well she took off with it and when it came time for me to use it, it was no where to be found! after a few minutes of searching we found it :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I so related to the part about finding things in the diaper laundry. My son puts funny things in the diaper pail all the time. I don't always catch the treasures before I put the diapers in the washer, and I often find non diaper items floating around while the laundry agitates. Today I found the small jar of coconut oil we use during diaper changes in the washer after I had already rinsed the diapers. So funny!