Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Plans

It looks like 2013 is going to be filled with change for us. We are hoping to sell our house, move out to the family farm, launch a new blog/website and we kind of launched a little photography business today.

Little Man at breakfast this morning.
We could use supplemental income and since we have equipment, we enjoy it, are pretty good at it (unless our friends and family have been fibbing all this time) it seems pretty silly not to take it to the next, more professional level. It is exciting but nerve wracking all at the same time. Questions like, "Are we really good enough?" and "what makes us any better than the next aspiring photographer?" keep floating around in my head. What I do know is that we have learned lessons and gained more experience with every session we've held and that will only keep happening.

I have also decided to keep up the daily blog even after Ayden's birthday only David is going to become involved in the writing as well. We are still working out the details but we have some exciting plans in store.

In Ayden news his babbling has been taken to a whole new level. He strings all kinds of sounds together and tries to communicate verbally with us as much as he can. He has now added "di!" for drink and "ba" for going backwards down the stairs. We think he actually thinks the stairs are called "turn around and go down backwards". He'll be happy to learn that the real one syllable word is much easier to say. He brings is objects and says, "a-da" like, "what's that" and repeats it with increasing volume and urgency until we tell him what it is. He stares at our mouths while we talk as if studying the shapes and sounds we are making. Now that he has mastered the walking thing, he has moved onto language and we can see the wheels turning. He is soaking it all up and we like it!

It is still Christmas over here! My sister who lives in New York wasn't able to make it home for New Year's which is when we were going to have my family's Christmas exchange. Since she never came and then Ayden slept the entire New Year's Day away we still haven't had our exchange so we are doing it today. It is actually nice to know we are having a leisurely gift exchange without any holiday parties or dinners looming over our heads. I'm totally fine with making Christmas last forever :).



  1. Ooo! I'm so excited to follow along for more daily blogs and wish you both lots of luck with the new blog and photog business and all the rest!

  2. Oh wow, you do have BIG plans for 2013. Can't wait to follow along!