Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Goals!

Last night's par-tay was great! We ate good food, played fun games with friends and brought in 2013 as a little family.

Ayden was a little trooper. He fell asleep around 10 or so, though it was hard to stay asleep in a house with so much fun being had, and decided to wake up for the ball drop. We were glad he did because he got to be a part of all the fun and didn't get scared awake by all the noise makers. We got home around 1:30 am and had another rough night. Ayden woke up crying inconsolably a few times between 5 and 8 and, though he didn't have a fever, he had us pretty worried. We called the on call pediatrician and he told us that as long as he wasn't running a fever and was able to be calmed eventually that he was probably okay. From a combination of teething, his cold and exhaustion from our New Year's fun he ended up taking 3 naps today, one lasting FIVE HOURS! We were hoping for a lazy couch day as Ayden cooperated more than we ever thought possible. He napped on me while we watched movies and took naps ourselves. I loved every second of his warm, snoring little body sleeping on mine (though I was pretty stiff once he finally woke and I was able to get up). When he woke from his monster nap he was back to his sweet self so I suppose he really had some sleep to catch up on.

Our day summed up in one picture.  Awesome!
Since it is the first of January it's time to list my goals for the month!

- Write blog posts during the day (already having a hard time with this one since it's 10:15 and I'm still writing this post...  Old habits die hard I suppose.
- Exercise 3x per week. I want to do this because it will make me feel good!
- Use my new sewing machine for a Pinterest project.
- Enter a photo that I took into a contest of some sort just for fun.

- Start using cash envelopes for our grocery and household budget categories.
- Ayden's birthday party! We need to send out the invitations ASAP.
- Get Ayden to bed as close to 8 as possible so David and I have more down time together.
- Start daily *intentional* activities and projects with Ayden (finger painting, ramps/balls, sensory tub, etc.)

- Pack up Christmas decorations and get house back to "normal"
- Go through and organize 12 month hand me downs from my sister/re-organize Ayden's closet.
- Organize garage so we can both park in it again.

I think that with David's help, the above list seems super doable!  I am excited to see how this first month turns out.  I won't be too disappointed if we don't meet all of these goals, we will use this first month as a tester to see how many we can realistically strive for. What are your goals for January?


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  1. I love how your blog captured every day of Adan's first year and much of your pregnancy. It is the inspiration for my resolution to start a blog for myself to do the same thing. I am due March 1st so I have a little time to get better as posting and how it all works.
    I have a question about it. I have been using the blogger app which is rather simple but very convenient. What do you use that let's you post video and pictures in the text? And what do you recommend using for video editing for a beginner I want to capture moments on video but I love how you edit out all the extra and put clips together?