Saturday, January 26, 2013

Party Prep

Today we set aside all moving preparations and worked all day on party prep. We got all the food as ready as we could a day ahead, got the favors ready and even ran a couple of errands. All we have left to do tomorrow, party wise, is ice the cake and cupcakes, make the avocado/egg mixture for the avocado deviled eggs and just set out the rest. David's parents are coming a little early and shall be assigned helium and decorations duty. My mom is coming early too and I think I'll put her to work on the eggs while I decorate the cake and cupcakes. David will be on cleaning duty since we did not get around to dusting and vacuuming today. I can't imagine the work that parents put into huge birthday parties because even our small one has taken a lot of prep. I suppose this is when ordering pizzas could come in handy. Too bad pizza places haven't joined in the Paleo movement and started putting cheese-less coconut flour or cauliflower crust pizzas on their menus. Needless to say with the sale of our house thrown into the mix, there are a few projects and details that I wanted done for Ayden's party that I just had to let go of because 1) I can only do so much and 2) Ayden isn't going to remember any of it anyway.

Ayden is getting to bed super late tonight because he had a really late afternoon nap. He has started playing this super cute head shaking game with me before he goes to sleep. He'll nurse all he can on one side and when he is done he sits up, pats his head and then shakes it. Then he waits because it is my turn to shake my head which he thinks is hilarious. We'll go back and forth for a little while until he is ready to nurse on the other side. Sometimes he nurses to sleep, other times he empties that side too and then lays draped over me while he falls asleep. I love how snuggly he is becoming when he is sleepy. He will lay his head down on my shoulder or will fall asleep on me without having to nurse. I love that just my holding him is starting to provide the same soothing comfort that nursing always has. Don't get me wrong, he still loves nursing, but it is apparent that it is not all he needs anymore. It is all pretty sweet and, as always, I am soaking up and enjoying every moment of it.

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  1. Birthday parties are so much work. I can't imagine planning a party while in the process of moving. You might just be supermom! Can't wait to hear all about the party :)