Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photo Fail

We have had Ayden's 1 year photo shoot on our calendars for today for months so when our realtor texted last night to see if we could do a showing today we decided that we'd just do both. Since the showing wasn't until 2:30, we decided we could get the photo shoot done in the morning and still have plenty of time to whip the house into showing shape. We just had our last showing a few days ago so there really isn't too much to be done. Well it is 12:30 and I am putting Ayden down for his nap. We made it through his photo shoot with only a couple of arguments to report and overall we got some great shots.

unedited sneak peek
(to replicate this one)
unedited sneak peek
(to compare with this one)
unedited sneak peek
unedited sneak peek
Then there are the cake smashing pictures. I made him a chocolate Paleo cupcake and we let him go at it. He really wasn't too interested in eating it but was mesmerized by how it felt as he squished it through his fingers. He took a couple of bites but mostly just smooshed and smeared it around. As David was looking back through the pictures while I gave Ayden his second bath for the day he said, "Ya know... It kind of looks like he's eating the contents of his diaper." I took one look and all I could do was laugh! It really did and everything about the pictures was pretty hilarious, the facial expressions, the smearing and the clumps. I. Died.

This one is not too bad...
Oh my...
Photography lesson for the day: When photographing a cake smashing session, use white icing... Yet another lesson that seems so obvious in hindsight.

We got some really great shots and we will have another chance to take some more cake eating pictures at his birthday party next weekend and I'm pretty sure this experience helped me make up my mind about which icing I'll be putting on his cake.


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  1. lol! Too Cute! But a little gross on the cake one, LOL!!!!