Saturday, January 12, 2013

They Will Find You

Ayden has now discovered how to twist lids off. Awesome. We were once able to allow him to keep himself occupied under the bathroom sink while we got ready or let him carry around a tube of lip gloss just because he loves to but we will now be re-organizing a bit. He got the lid off of his tooth paste this morning and off of a tube of vanilla lip gloss. He was so happy about both that he wailed when I took them away. I tried to replace them with something cooler but nothing else was up to par. We are counting down the days until he opens a toilet lid and engages in some water play. Yikes.

Daddy makes a great breakfast smoothie!
This mornings had beet juice in it.
Surprisingly delicious!
I have something new to look forward to all week long. Every Saturday morning, David plays with Ayden while I take a nice, log, hot shower. During any shower I take during the week I feel like this sums up my life:

On a Saturday while taking a shower "off the clock" I close my eyes and feel like I am showering here:

Who knew a simple shower could feel like paradise?

We made it out to the farm today.

David had a garden planning meeting with my dad and I got started on making a cute little felt party hat for Ayden. It was on my to do list all week so I decided to take advantage of having my mom there to play with Ayden and at least got all the pieces cut. I'll share the finished product when it's done!

He was afraid of the horses this time. 
Poor guy!  It really surprised us.
We also swung by David's parents house for a visit. Ayden fell asleep just as we pulled into their neighborhood and then woke up right when we got there so his afternoon nap was 3 minutes, tops. He rallied and played with his grandparents but fussed instead of going to sleep on the way home. He was able to rally yet again once we got home and we were able to cook and eat dinner with a sweet, happy baby. As soon as dinner was over it was off to bed for our little man and he seemed glad for it.
Grape snacking picnic while I made dinner.  So cute!
Tomorrow we plan to go buy all of the supplies to build Ayden a learning tower for his birthday. So excited because he seems ready to be in on all the action!


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  1. So excited to see your farm journey. Hope u record the learning tower to share w us ;)