Saturday, January 19, 2013

Moving Mountains

Snoozing on me while we watched an episode of Vampire Diaries last night.
That's him doing the same things as a newborn on the left.
(Holding our baby while he sleeps NEVER gets old!)
Before you have children of your own you have all kinds of grand thoughts and ideas about how you will do things differently than a lot of the parents you know. Whether you think you'll have more energy or patience, a stronger will to follow through with your pre-baby plans or a better idea of how to raise a child you go into parenthood feeling like you've got it in the bag. It can't be that hard, right? And then it happens to you. You become a parent and as time passes and you find yourself looking back on the pre-baby you and thinking of yourself as almost foolish. As you reflect on how you've either changed your mind or just not followed through on all of those ideas of grander you realize that none of it is because you didn't have enough energy or a strong enough will to fight the "fight." It is because all of those issues and situations that you saw as such a big deal immediately become trivial matters as soon as your tiny baby is in your arms. Your idea of having your baby "sleep in his own room by 6 months" or "just letting him cry" gets pushed aside and lost in the shuffle as your innate need to move mountains to make his crying stop take over. Once you become a parent you are initiated into a club that experiences the kind of love that has so much power that it is completely and utterly immeasurable and indescribable. The little trivial ideas that you thought were important just aren't anymore and as you fall deeper in love everyday you make decisions fueled by that love rather than what you ever thought you were "supposed" to do.

Who wouldn't want to move mountains for this guy??
Obviously I am talking about us here but please feel free to insert your own ideas and situations to fill in the blanks. We are all guilty of this in some way or another and it is just something you have to experience in order to understand, a right of passage if you will. Parents can talk to non-parents until they are blue in the face but there is just no way to help someone understand the power that the love we have for our children has over us. I was told time and time again, "it's different when it's your own" and I am here to admit they were right.

How A kept himself busy while I put his laundry away.
Just flipping page after page in book after book chattering away.


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