Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's New?

Now that Ayden has surpassed the 1 year milestone, the shift in development has been interesting and was almost immediate. During the first year, every few months you have this huge event to work towards and look forward to: holding their little heads up, pushing up, sitting up, crawling, pulling to stand and walking; cooing to babbling, smiling to laughing. You witness so many firsts during the first year and they are such big changes that everyone around would notice. Once they reach the year mark, give or take a couple of weeks, things take a slight shift. The new developments are smaller, fine tuning types of changes. For instance, Ayden used to just walk around randomly babbling his foreign language but now he does it while he points to specific things in the environment, holds a phone up to his ear or turns the pages in a book. He still does it at random sometimes but he seems to be understanding the context for talking. He has also started holding whatever hurts after he falls. If he hits his lip or his ear his hand goes immediately to hold it while he cries his big crocodile tears. He is also listening when we say, "Ah ah, no thank you" and chooses to walk away where before he would look at us then go back to whatever he was doing with a big smile on his face. It seems as though the 1 year milestone brings with it a light bulb that really has transformed our baby into a little boy.

In other news, we had our first choking scare today. Ayden was sitting next to me on the floor at the studio and I had given him a small bite of chicken. I was rounding up everything for the diaper bag so we could head home and all the sudden he leaned forward with his hands on my leg as he made half a cough sound. Then he went silent and started to turn red. It took two finger sweeps to find the chicken and a couple of strong back pats to get him to take a big deep breath. Then he started crying because I'm sure it scared him as much as me. I was shaking and my heart kept pounding for a good 10 minutes afterward. It was the worst thing ever and I am so glad I knew what to do and didn't hesitate to do it.

Have you had any scary parenting moments? What did you do?



  1. I saw a pin on Pinterest, where you put breastmilk in ice trays and then dip the pacifier in and it makes a Popsicle, she never used a pacifier so we tried this out. I gave it to her and somehow a huge chunk cracked from the warmth and she actually choked on it, she went completely red :( I did a finger sweep but couldn't get it so the back thrusts did it for us. It was scary. She also pulled up on the dryer and at the same time shut the door and itl her tiny pinky very deep :(

  2. I'm always terrified of one of my kids getting choked. I guess it goes back to years ago when I saw a friends son get choked on a piece of hard candy. He was turning blue and I already had 911 on the phone by the time he got it up. It was terrifying.