Sunday, January 13, 2013

From Head To Toe

Ayden got this cute book for Christmas and it has become a new favorite.

My students always loved doing all of the motions with the animals and we are looking forward to when our little guy does them too.

Ayden has mastered most of his animal sounds and has moved on to learning body parts and that is why I think his new book is fun for him. He has liked touching people's noses for a while now and would also find his own head on command if he was in the mood. He's also always enjoyed exploring our faces. He'll grab our teeth, try to catch our tongues, and stick his little finger up our noses or in our eyes. We have always played the body part game and he would always just wait for us to show him but tonight he played too! I said, "Ayden, where's Mommy's eye?" and after thinking for a minute he gently ran his finger across my eyelashes with a big smile on his face. Then I asked the same about my nose and he laughed and touched that too! As is our norm these days, we are following Ayden's lead with his development and if he is interested in body parts that is what we shall focus on. We are also starting to talk a lot about the primary colors.

His understanding of "ah-ah" and "no thank you" is getting better too. If he is about to do or touch something and we say one of those phrases he will look at whatever it was that he was getting ready to do and sign all done. It is funny how he put those together on his own. I suppose they have similar meanings.

At Lowes getting supplies for his home made learning tower!
This weekend went by so fast but it was really good. We had another house showing tonight so maybe this will have been the lucky one???  This week and next will have birthday preparations at the top of the priority list so they are going to be pretty busy. I can't believe his birthday is a week from tomorrow!


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