Monday, January 7, 2013

Nursing Machine

Today was great because I made it that way. I stayed on task and set timers to help me remember to work efficiently. I exercised, became oriented with a new video editing software and even did some detailed zone cleaning in the kitchen.

This morning's picture for Daddy

Ayden nursed a lot today. I'm not sure if he's having a growth spurt, making up for lost time since he didn't nurse as much while he was sick or if he's taking advantage of his new ability to sign milk but whatever the reason he was in a nursing mood today. I didn't mind because it allowed me to work on the computer in peace, much like his newborn days. He didn't try to touch the keyboard or anything. He just lay in my lap, gently reaching up to stick his little fingers into my mouth every now and then. If any music started playing he'd start clapping while he nursed which was pretty adorable.

Overall it was an ideal stay-home day. There were still a couple of items left on my list by the end of the day but I am still calling it a success and a step in the right direction for the changes I'd like to make this year.

Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nice with a high of 50. I think we are going to bundle up and go to the park! We could use some sunshine!

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  1. Sounds like a great day. Glad your becoming more productive. I am trying that as well but staying on task is hard for me lol. Enjoy the outside tomorrow we are getting 2 straight days of rain