Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happily Healthy

I had a great day with my little man. He seems to be over his cold (knock on wood) with only a bit of coughing at night. It amazed me how difficult it was to parent a sick child. They don't understand why they are feeling discomfort and don't hesitate to let you know. That's how Ayden handled it anyway. There was a lot of fussing, clinging, dreaded nose wiping, Nose Fr√ęda sucking, night waking and coughing and it was exhausting for us all. I had a cold on top of his so I'm sure that had something to do with my stamina while caring for him but boy I am so glad we made it through. The past couple of days have been a breath of fresh air. He has let me leave him during his naps (he was wanting to pacify through them), regained his appetite for nursing and meals, is playing independently at least a couple of times a day and is sleeping better.

Since last night was dance night for me we got home late and had dinner late so Ayden went to bed late at around 9:30. Whether he wakes every hour or every four his "nights" usually last 12-13 hours. That means we were still in bed when 10 am rolled around. Once we finally got up, got ready, had breakfast and took care of the pets we were running late for story time. We made it about 10 minutes late but still had fun. We stayed after for a little while to play and I talked to some other mommies. Since I didn't have any errands to run today I made my grocery list last night and hit up the grocery once we left the book store. I think I might try to make it a habit since Whole Foods and the book store are in the same shopping center. It might be a week to week decision depending on what other errands need to be run.

We came home from the grocery, had lunch and I got dinner in the crockpot. Ayden went down for one mid-day nap that he was still taking when David got home from work. I had a dentist appointment so I slipped away and can you believe I was in and out in a half hour?!? Taking the last appointment of the day is the way to go! It also helped that I had a clean bill of dental health for this appointment so no fillings or anything for me! They did suggest that I floss more but does anyone really do that regularly?? I am terrible about flossing and washing my makeup off at night and I'm sure I'll pay for it someday.

We have a house showing in the morning so we spent some time cleaning after dinner. Will this be the lucky one that sets our farm plans in motion? Cross your fingers for us. I plan to take Ayden to the pet store during the showing tomorrow and I hope to work on making his felt party hat when we get home.

Stylin' and strolling along

I know that we can't keep him healthy all the time but I am just as miserable as he is when he's sick so I'm not looking forward to our next bout of illness. I am going to enjoy the non-teething, healthy Ayden while I can!!



  1. Glad your little man is feeling better. Sick babies equal exhausted moms!

    Good luck on the showing tomorrow :)

  2. Isn't snot sucking the worst?! My son is on his 3rd cold of his short 8 month old life (so much for EBF immunity) and he screams bloody murder when that thing comes close. We have decided it is usually not worth the heartache