Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We sold our house today! It is still sinking in and the kicker is that we have to be out and ready to handover the keys by February 4th. The next two weeks will be filled with party prep and packing and loosing our minds a little bit. My parents have been so kind as to take us in for a while so we can pay off our remaining debt and save for the house we hope to build this Fall.

We are feeling some anxiety and it is all bitter sweet but we are holding onto the sentiment that home is where the heart is and that we will find happiness wherever we are as long as we are together.

We are excited to be moving out to the farm so that Ayden can explore all of the twigs and insects he can find and maybe even eat a little dirt :). Fresh air and rolling fields make for a better playing environment than privacy fences and traffic, that's for sure!

In the meantime, while David and I begin to feel the stress of all of the ensuing events, Ayden is his merry little self. He is babbling away and totally oblivious to the big changes he will be experiencing. There aren't many things I can brag about with Ayden in the sleep department but one thing I love about him is that he will fall asleep anywhere as long as I am there with him. At least that won't be a transition to dread!

David and Ayden hung out together while I had dinner with an old friend. It was nice to catch up and though I totally felt like I had forgotten something all night, it was nice to be off the clock for a couple of hours. Now, Ayden is in bed and David and I are taking some time to veg out and decompress by watching an episode of Vampire Diaries before we get sucked into a party prepping, house packing, baby wrangling vortex. And then we have to decide on our next step... Wish us luck so we can make it through this with sanities in tact!

Now I shall leave you with a peek-a-boo clip that is sure to make you smile.


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  1. I think I'm a little bit too excited than I should be for someone that doesn't know me! I'm seriously so psyched for you guys...this will be an awesome change. I can't wait to see the process/see vlogs at the farm!