Friday, January 4, 2013

Moving Forward

Ayden had the best night's sleep ever last night! He didn't sleep well until he was in our bed with David but I think he only woke twice and he just whimpered a little and went back to sleep. He nursed when I joined them around midnight and didn't nurse again until 6 or so maybe? When a co-sleeping mama doesn't exactly remember how many times/what times her baby nursed, you know it was a good night for everyone. That type of scenario is ideal and the whole point to co-sleeping to begin with!

We got the sad news today that the data on our external hard drive was not retrievable. It was hard to hear but I had been preparing myself for the worst so luckily the worst wasn't too incredibly hard to handle. It sucks BIIIG time but life is too short to dwell on things out of our control. I have this blog, my in-laws saved everything I ever sent by phone (which will cover any "firsts" or other important moments) and we have everything from the hospital and earlier since we backed up right after he was born. This is more than most people have and for that I am grateful. Yet another lesson learned the hard way and now we move forward!

Today was supposed to be grocery and "get ready for the weekend" day but it turned into errand day #2. Luckily the errands were more successful than yesterday's. The only waste of time that occurred was because I forgot to call ahead to schedule an appointment at the Apple store so I had to wait for 45 minutes. Since I have mall gift cards to use up, I wondered around the mall, Ayden riding along in the Ergo, and scoped out my options. If I saw something I liked I added it to a running list in my phone so that I can be sure that I spend my gift card on items that I actually want. We also stopped by the play area and let Ayden stretch his legs for about 10 minutes. I got the call about the hard drive while I was walking around and watching Ayden play softened the blow. Seeing him get excited to see giant ducks, staring at a tantruming child out of sheer curiosity and playing peek-a-boo with me through a tunnel helped me keep the right perspective. Tons and tons of pictures and videos are nice but living in the moment and living life to the fullest are most important. It is funny that we need our children to help us remember that.

Here are a few clips of Ayden from last night and today.  Love this little guy!

After the mall we finally made it to the grocery and didn't get home until around 4:00. It was a carseat napping, non-stop kind of day and I am looking forward to a stay-home day on Monday. We probably won't even get out of our PJs!

Lesson learned: back up important data regularly, even if you feel like you don't have time. Seems obvious but life gets in the way sometimes.

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