Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Please and Thank You

Ayden has really stepped up his manners game over the passed week or two.  He consistently says please and thank you.  He says sorry (even to Maverick) when he does something worth apologizing for and even asks if we are okay when we get hurt.  It is the cutest, sweetest thing and we LOVE it!

Some other language developments:

When he sees a familiar toy at a friend's house he'll say, "I have this my house!"

He says, "It's so _____!" (It's so cold!  It's so spicy! It's so big! etc.)

Yesterday, he wanted to make some green juice.  He's been wanting to make some for a few days now but we've been out of ingredients.  After asking me for the fourth time if we could make green juice I got down at his level and said, "Ayden, we do not have what we need to make juice." to which he replied, "Yes you do!"  This was a first and I couldn't help but chuckle while I told him, again, that we did not.

This isn't language related but Ayden is officially day-time potty trained, #2 and all!  Not sure how exactly it happened so soon and so quickly but it has.  He only wears diapers for naps and night time (and I'd imagine we'd put one on him for a long car ride if we were to take one). He is also decreasing the amount of time he "cry's wolf" before #2s which has been a much needed change.  He still does it a little but he is getting better at recognizing which sensation is the real one I think.  It is really awesome not to be changing diapers but now diaper laundry has gotten awkward.  I have pushed to every third day and still hardly have a full load.  As always, you have to give a little to take a little.  Nature's way of maintaining that oh so important balance in our lives!

My posts lately have been more about what we've been doing rather than what is going on with Ayden developmentally so I thought I should take the time to note these new skills for memory's sake before I forgot.  I just love watching him grow!

~Sarah Ladnier

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  1. You may have heard this before but I've read to add towels to a diaper load if it's not full enough ☺

    1. I had heard that but had forgotten. Thank you for reminding me :)

  2. Hi sarah!
    What is your receipe for green juice? Thanks! Also I enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for reading. Our favorite is a head of romaine, an apple and a few carrots.

  3. Love reading about his development! Such an awesome little guy!