Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hip To The Hop

I enjoyed a special treat tonight.  After dinner I left my boys, had a solo Whole Foods trip, then took a hip hop class at the gym.  It was really fun and I think it will become an every Thursday night thing.  David is going to choose one night a week to do the same.  Well to go the the gym anyway... not sure he'll be taking hip hop.  Haha! 

Hip hop is the only class on the schedule that they only offer once a week and only at night.  I miss dancing for myself (teaching is just not the same) so between this and the occasional Zumba class, perhaps that void will be filled.  I enjoyed having a night off from the bedtime routine and I know David will like that on his night too.  

As much as I enjoyed some me time and dancing, coming home with Ayden already in bed was bitter sweet.  I missed my story time cuddles and good night hug and kiss. Another con of having him in his own bed now I suppose...  I'll be ready to be reunited in the morning for sure! 

Do you have an arrangement with your spouse to get some "time off" during the nightly groundhog day of a bedtime routine? How do you spend it?


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1 comment:

  1. Absolutely. I love getting out of the house alone after hubby gets home. He is awesome about watching our daughter for a couple hours. I usually go grocery shopping, to Target, or to the mall where I get most my excercise walking. It is very hard for me to take my child on daytime errands because she will not sit in a car seat or stroller. She will scream until she is set free. I have tried wearing her in my solly wrap and after 20 minutes she tries to wriggle her way out of that too. Exhausting to say the least. As much as i crave dressing her up in some of her cutsie girly outfits and showing her off, it's just not happening....not now anyway. We shall see if she outgrows her current behaviors. I am glad you are getting time out. Doesn't it feel great to have "me" time. And after I am out running errands, I end up missing my baby so much and often just spend time rushing to get home to her.