Saturday, January 18, 2014

Spoke Too Soon

Just last night David was talking about how healthy we've all been compared to last year. Ayden had had 3 fevers and a never ending runny nose/cough by now. I told him, "You can't talk about it until Spring or you'll jinx it" and I was right, he spoke too soon. Ayden spiked a fever out of nowhere this morning and we skipped all of our plans (including Baby Girl's 1st birthday party which we were SUPER bummed about) and had a sick day. I also had a terrible headache all day so Ayden and I hung out on the couch or in our beds all day long.

Polly seemed to sense that he needed extra snuggles today.
With a little playing sprinkled in here and there:

We do not fear fevers. We think they are THE best way for a body to fight germs. We follow the 102* rule. If a fever stays at 102* for 24 hours or goes above, that is when we use fever reducers. It might be uncomfortable to endure short-term but we fully believe you spring back much faster in the long run if you let the fever fight the illness at the source.  Ayden's fever climbed fast today and when I checked it before his morning nap (he took 2 today) it was right at 102. When he woke an hour later it was 103.3*. We gave him Motrin which brought it down to 100* but it climbed back up by the time he was reay for another dose. Another thing that helps us gauge the seriousness of an illness is his overall mood, appetite and energy level. With the exception of right after we realized he had a fever, he was great all day considering. 

A high fever is never something to mess with but when medicine can bring it down and he is up for eating, drinking and playing; we are less worried than if his fever isn't as high but he's lethargic and not up for food and hydration.

Now we'll be on fever watch all night.  We'll check his temp again at 11 and give him another dose of Motrin if he needs it and that should get him through until morning. It is hard when our baby is sick but he has been such a trooper and got the best medicine today.  Lots of cuddles, rest and fluids.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that this is just a 24 hour bug...


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Sweet Baby Girl"

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