Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Losses and Lessons

Ayden got to share the chicks with his cousins today!!
Our two sickly chicks didn't make it through the night. We are thinking they had trouble due to bad timing with humidity issues. The incubator we have is very sensitive to external temperature changes. The warm up we have weather-wise had warmed up the incubator overnight which in turn increased the humidity.  If this had happened earlier in their incubation, though never ideal, it would not have affected them too much. Since it happened right at hatching time, though, it created an environment that was not ideal for survival. Out of the three that hatched yesterday one did survive, though, and it was running around the brooder with the rest today. 

I was so glad one made it because I was feeling really discouraged, stressed and guilty. Having a lot of "shoulda, woulda, coulda" thoughts all day and really beating myself up about it which can be toxic. If we had lost them all it may have kept me from trying incubation again but the fact that the last little one survived gave me something to hold onto and kept my spirits up a little. I truly value all of these little lives and have done my best to care for them over the last month but at the end of the day, we couldn't do everything perfectly our first time out and a man made incubator is no mother hen. I have a broody hen on my farming wishlist now for sure!! 

I have a feeling that these 5 chicks are all we will be getting out of all of those eggs. I am feeling the loss of the two little chicks that didn't make it and all of the other eggs that will most likey never hatch. On the flipside, I have learned SO much. Being pushed out of my comfort zone, challenging me, inspiring me research, little lives being on the line, etc This type of situation helps me learn and retain so much information that I will be able to apply next time around. I am sad for the loses but so grateful for the knowledge gained. 

Practicing for the big day!
(He'll start eating solids soon.)


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